All about Jamestown NY

If you have an innate interest for the arts and want to explore the best of world’s museums and literature then, certainly there isn’t a better place for you to visit than Jamestown. Jamestown is the largest city located in the south of Chautauqua- Alleghany region and was once addressed as the ‘Furniture capital of the world’. Though no more a furniture capital, Jamestown continues to be one of the favorite city for the artists and this is the reason why it has secured a place in ‘America’s top 100 cities for art’ in one of the recent art surveys done across the entire America. The city of Jamestown is situated between Lake Erie and Allegheny National Forest which implies that besides being surrounded by wonders of art, this city is blessed with wonders of nature which makes it an ideal tourist location altogether.

Location of Jamestown
It won’t be exaggerating to say that Jamestown is located in the most picturesque surroundings one could ever imagine. To be very precise, this moderately populated town is located on the tip of the lovely Chautauqua Lake which serves as a sensory delight to all the tourists visiting this place and is a home to beautiful aquatic animals. This calm and composed place located on the southwest of Chautauqua County is definitely worth a visit especially when you are up for something much more than adoring scenic beauty in terms of big mountains and beautiful beaches.

Things to do in Jamestown NY
If you have decided to take up a trip to Jamestown NY and are wondering what all does this small town got to offer to you then, we are sure that the list of things that you can actually do and experience in Jamestown would definitely surprise you. Undoubtedly a quiet town, Jamestown still has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions and modes of entertainment to its visitors. This beautiful and small city of NY has plentiful of museums, art galleries, theaters, societies and libraries that are equipped to take you on a literary ride of your life. So, one can visit a number of art and historical galleries, get a hint of what American literature is all about in the libraries and can visit the wonderful theatres for watching some on-going play or movie while being in Jamestown.
However, if you aren’t a real art fan and have a sports streak instead then, Jamestown would definitely serve you to the best of your interests. There are a number of sporting events that take place in Jamestown New York every now which include sport activities of baseball, soccer, hockey and ice skating etc.

Playing all those sports can really tire you and in order to calm down your adrenaline rush, you’d actually want to visit some place serene just like the Chautauqua Lake or the wildlife sanctuary located in Jamestown itself. So, no matter you are a nature lover, art fan or a sports enthusiast, you’ll get a number of amazing things to do in Jamestown NY.

What to do in Jamestown NY?
Until now we were just discussing about the things that tourists can do in Jamestown New York, now we shall throw light on the things that you ought to do while visiting Jamestown. Jamestown NY Tourism has a lot to offer in terms of great tourist attractions, hospitality and value for money, thus one must explore everything from top to bottom while being in this wonderful place. We give you an exclusive list of things that you must do and places you must visit while staying in Jamestown NY:

No matter you are a Lucille Ball fan or not, you are bound to get fascinated by the things that are displayed in the Lucy-Desi Museum. It is rather interesting to know that Lucy Ball- the famous American actress and comedian belonged to Jamestown and initiated her career by performing at this very place itself. This museum honors the fabulous journey of this wonderful actor and puts on display some of the real props, costumes and things that belonged to Lucy herself.

If you are curious to discover and experience the Victorian era, then being in Jamestown NY would certainly delight you. The Chautauqua Institute in Jamestown is the home to most gorgeous looking Victorian estates. Apart from the old and beautiful villas, there is a museum, a hotel and a theatre in this private estate that is bound to delight the visitors.

If history is something that delights you then, you ought to visit the Fenton History center in Jamestown New York. This historical society is named after the 25th Governor of New York Reuben Fenton and is the home to some great literary works and historical pieces.

You just can’t afford to miss on the fun of fishing at the Lake Chautauqua while in Jamestown. Besides being blessed with amassing beauty and picturesque landscapes, the Chautauqua Lake is said to be home to a variety of fish species, which means this lake is a complete delight for all the fishing enthusiasts.

There couldn’t be a better place than Jamestown in the entire New York for experiencing and trying out water sports. Jamestown is practically having 2 beautiful lakes that tend to offer a number of opportunities to the water sports enthusiasts visiting this place. Try out jet skiing, rafting or canoeing on these lakes and make the most of your trip.

If you are planning a trip to New York in the winters, then Jamestown visitor center has got a lot in its kitty to offer you. The falling temperature and increasing snowfalls help in creating a wonderful platform for hosting of a number of winter sports activities such as skiing and ice-skating etc. for the locals and the tourists. The state government hosts a number of events promoting winter sports activities thereby making winters the best time of visit Jamestown NY.